Pilots & Cockpits…

I heard a funny story on the radio, listening to Les Grosses Têtes, a popular radio show in France.

Caution, please do not read if you are easily offended by off colour, dirty stories.

Translated from French into English.

So, a little background first: pilots can either talk to each other on their headsets in the cockpit (as there is too much noise to to talk without headsets), or they can address the passengers by clicking a button.

The head pilot doesn’t know he has accidentally touched the button to address the passengers, and he thinks he’s talking to his co-pilot.


Pilot: Okay, so we’ve just served food. Maybe a little coffee now, and then afterwards, we’ll bring the hostess in for a little blowjob.

The hostess hears this over the speaker at the back of the plane, and starts running to warn them that the microphone is on the wrong switch.

A passenger stops her in mid-run and says: “No, no. Don’t run so fast, they said AFTER their coffee!!”

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