What I bought today

I didn’t plan on going downtown today.

I was planning on going tomorrow and spending the whole day.

But BF must have been psychic and read my mind, asking me if I wanted to go for a little walk downtown instead of biking.

So, I set out to buy some Birkenstocks but somehow I didn’t see any in the stores.

Headed to the little shoe store Little Burgundy on Ste-Catherine, but they didn’t have the full range of Birks, and it was just too loud & crowded.

(Don’t you hate it when they play the music so loud it makes you want to leave? Even worse if it’s in loud, brain-jarring techno.)

I will have to go back another time to the Westmount area, to dedicated Birks stores.

Anyway, this is what I got:


6 Headbands = $14

I somehow snapped all of them and was down to my last headband. I saw them on sale, and didn’t hesitate.

3 sets of brown knee-high bamboo socks = $20.52

I love bamboo socks. Super soft, anti-bacterial and comfortable.

Plus, they don’t stretch out of shape and soak up the sweat from my feet (ewww gross) and stay sweaty the whole day.

A book on 101 essential French verb conjugations = $10.95

I thought I’d start off slow and memorize these first, then move on to the next billion.

A book on Cantonese Chinese for Hong Kong & Singapore = $9.95

BF laughed at me. I’ll show him!

First Aid Tape = $3.29

For the blisters I am eventually going to have.This will be used to cover open spots, that will let the skin breathe, but not chafe until it bleeds.

I’m still going to wrap my toes before I go out touring for the day in Asia, but I am going to get blisters, whether I like it or not, because we are going to walk like crazy.

Not pictured:

  • Haagen-Daaz ice cream bar for BF= $4.39 (OUCH! BF has expensive tastes!)
  • A drink for me = $0.99

Total Damage for the day: $65.14

Not bad. Not bad at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

I still have to get those Birkenstocks, ear plugs and some adapters for overseas, but that about does it for my list of things to get for the upcoming trip & in general.

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