Umm. Hello. I am back on WordPress again.

I am. A. Dumbass.

I sort of, kinda.. accidentally.. doubly uploaded all my posts, in an effort to try and get my scheduled posts to move the hell over…

Once I realized my mistake, I had this horrified look on my face that caused BF a little fear in his heart, and I set out to delete 6000+ posts, in sections of 300’s.

So to recap.

I am still on WordPress.

Hello world.

I’ve fixed up the blog.

I’ve added in my beloved header.

Fixed the permalinks from Blogger so that I don’t lose Google Juice (hopefully a seamless transition of URLs from one to another).

I’ve gone plug-in crazy and added 17 plug-ins. (I love WP!)

I am not keen on re-tagging and re-categorizing anything.

And am going to publicly, humbly acknowledge that everyone in the universe is way smarter than I am, because they A) started on WordPress and B) probably did a custom URL off the bat as well.

Plus, all of my much cleverer readers, told me to make the switch.

I think Eric even begged me at one point, offering his services for free.

(I’m sorry!)

Like a fool, I turned him down.

But never, ever again. *bows to greatness of WP know-it-alls and users*

(Sorry. Again.)

So I am going to repeat their advice:



*Optional* Do it with a custom URL if you can swing the cash upfront.

That’s all.

P.S. I still can’t get my scheduled posts.

And I’m giving up on getting them.

Expect nothing from me for a couple of days, except frustrating rants about screwing up by trial and error.

In the meantime, entertain yourself with my newly created WP pages that will link to all of my best (or worst depending on how you see it) FB posts.

*preen, preen, plug, plug*

P.P.S If anyone other than Revanche & Krystal want to move over to WordPress, I highly recommend doing so.

If you don’t have a custom host or a custom domain name to move over to another host or to set up, it’s probably 5 minutes.

And even with custom hosting or custom domain names, it’s maybe 20 minutes, max.

I wouldn’t know about either method, because I made it difficult for myself and set up 6 subdomains that screwed up, but that’s what I think is possible.

WordPress makes it so sickeningly easy, you want to smack yourself in the forehead.

Just a couple of benefits of moving?

Widgets, Simple layouts, Static pages, Cool commenting & reply system, Large full screens to type in, Themes are gorgeous and you can manage your images right in the platform.

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