In-a-pinch Beauty

Shiny Hair Trick

  • Add vodka to a basic shampoo (1 part vodka, 2 parts shampoo)
  • Removes product build up (like a clarifying shampoo) and makes hair shinier
  • Or try Apple Cider Vinegar rinses (FB Read: Water Only Shampoo)
  • Weird tip: You can also use vodka if you come in contact with poison ivy or jellyfish. Don’t drink it, splash it on your arm to remove the itchy urushiol oil from the ivy or the sting of a jellyfish.

Instant Tanning

  • Sprinkle dark face powder to a couple of drops of baby oil. Mix in your hands and apply to skin evenly.
  • If done correctly in the right amounts, will look more natural than a human carrot. No really.

Yoghurt Brightening Masque

  • Plain yoghurt with some teaspons of honey. Mix and spread over face. Leave for half an hour.
  • Will tighten, brighten and firm your skin

Instant Conditioner

  • Your facial moisturizer is your quick go-to for conditioner.
  • Just a little bit, rubbed into the dry ends of your hair.

Instant Shaving Cream

  • A cheap bottle of conditioner works just as well
  • Suds off your body wash/soap
  • Just water (This is what I do. No nicks)

Natural Moisturizers (Look in your pantry)

  • Olive oil moisturizes, but stops your skin from healing as fast as it normally would
  • Vaseline (No really, it works as a cheap eye cream. No breakouts because it doesn’t clog pores)
  • Mineral oil
  • Shea butter (100%)
  • Cocoa butter (100%)

Quick Beach-worthy Curls

  • Sleep with your hair braided or loosely twisted and tied into a bun.
  • I usually wake up with beach-worthy curls & no maintenance or work.
  • I should warn you, it sucks sleeping with tied up hair.

Those are all the ones I know for now that are quick in-a-pinch tips.

Anyone interested in hearing more?

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