I caved.

First, the Birks.

Birkenstocks = $145.61 total

From the Birkenstock/Naturino store in Westmount on Greene Street.

I had desperately wanted to love the style with the cute bronzed leather that didn’t look like “original” Birks, but this is only kind of style that felt really good on my foot.

The other styles were quite tight around my foot & when I walked, it was uncomfortable.

I also wanted a pair that would stay on my feet, and the double strap was recommended.


They take some getting used to especially on my instep and under my big toe, but I’m going to slowly break them in.

10 days and counting. They’re great (so far) as shoes to wear around the apartment. They’re getting more and more comfortable by the day!

Perfect pair of brown knee high boots = $321.71

*a light appears behind the boots and angels start singing — “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”*


Okay, so I stalked them on the internet first. Big difference.

And it took me 6 hours to find them after scouring all the stores for all the brown, flat, knee-high boots of high quality in the city.

But it was all worth it.

Everyone will now call me The Girl in the Perfect Pair of Brown Knee High Boots.


Ecco’s new boot collection is quite cute. This is the Hobart in Espresso.

(What is up with companies naming colours things to eat or drink now? Espresso. Cocoa. Honey. Lemon Butter…. Wait. I might have made up the last one.)

The picture is a lot darker, so I didn’t expect to like the colour since it was so close to black.

I was SO wrong.

Ecco Shoes - Hobart - $275 - But I don't hate the buckle!

Ecco Shoes - Hobart - $275 - But I don't hate the buckle!

  • Classic ridding* style with 25mm heel
  • Full Inside zipper
  • Highly breathable textile lining
  • Uppers of rich leather


I tried to feebly haggle for a bargain but there was nothing to be done.

The guy saw the fire in my eyes, smelled blood… and quite frankly, he has a valid point.

It’s the new collection — there ain’t no discounts at the start, people.

But I couldn’t chance these perfect boots running out of stock in Size 8s. I have found my Holy Grail Brown Boots and by hell or high water, I wanted them!

(I also checked for the 30 day return & refund policy first before snatching them up in my greedy paws and nuzzling them.)







Well? Ca passe ou ça casse?

(Do they pass or fail? Try not to let the price factor into your squeals of pain and/or delight.)

Other practical things I also picked up for the day, lest you think I just let my devilish Shopaholic go wild.

Worldwide Adapter Kit for 150 countries = $24.84

I could have just purchased a separate adapters but they were $9.99 each!

And I needed 3. So this was cheaper.

Plus, it saves space because they all snuggle into each other for easy travel.

So even though my trip is canceled to Asia this year, I still have to go to Europe next year for weddings…

Nextech Adapter

Here are the adapters snuggling each other and doing naughty things.

Nextech Adapter Folds up

And when I break them apart they can be adjusted to fit any kind of socket.

I just twist the prongs for the European plugs, or add the Continental Europe plug on top of the others.

Nextech Adapters

Cotton Swabs & Feliz Rey Knockoff – $2

The Coral Purse was to satisfy my Feliz Rey for Target lust. I really wanted the coral bag.. but I live in Canada. 🙁

Felix Rey for Target coral tote

And lo and behold in the dollar store! Look what I found for $1.

Purse and Cotton Swabs

Other damages not shown:

  • $12.75 = Subway tickets
  • $263 = Vehicle registration. They’re a bunch of PIRATES here, our local DMV.
  • $1.39 = A drink. I went 8 hours without eating or drinking searching for those boots. I needed it.

Total Damage for the day: $771.30

Close to a grand.

I still have a chance to return those boots, so I may go back for another scouring to see if I can find another pair I love as much, for cheaper.

(What a lie. You know I love these boots.)

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