Current TV Shows I am obsessed with

Brace yourselves…

Wonderful escapism-from-PF-world show for me.

All about fashion, shopping, and Rachel is the stereotypical woman (hyped up of course) who doesn’t really care about saving money like her husband Rodger, but just wants to spend, spend, spend & live in the moment.

I LOVE IT! 🙂 I am living vicariously through this lovable, fashion-obsessed woman.

And her closet is to die for.

Hilarious! When Chris’ father says things like “That is fifty cents of spilled milk on that table!”, it reminds me of my own father.

Every time I see these shows, I get hungry. So I always watch them when I am eating or when I AM hungry, to get hungrier.

Beautiful imagery. Kind of makes me mad in some areas, but then I remind myself they’re being true to the way it was back then — the married women generally stay at home, shut up, smile & do their “jobs” and the men go out, work, flirt and sleep around with their secretaries to relieve the pressure.

Again, fashion. This time, new, innovative ideas with very weird materials. I always drool over the dresses and designs, and wish I could find something similar in stores.

Not just for old people 😛 I really love the show because I’ve always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes ever since I was a wee bitty child.

Monk is such an OCD weirdo about organization and neatness that it reminds me of BF sometimes.

As is with Monk, and it’s mostly because Detective Goren (my favourite on the show) is so much like a twisted, unstable Sherlock Holmes.

Just recently got into the show. Am never comfortable watching it for the first half hour (kind of creeps me out with the excessive, gratuitous blood), but after 30 minutes, I want to keep going.

LOVE. Dollhouse. Just watched the Unaired Episode 13, and am excited with the way the story is developing. My favourite character is Sierra played by Dichen Lachman.

Another vice. These are one-off shows. I can’t watch them over and over again, but I would, on mute and just staring at the amazing outfits that are being shown on the screen.

I didn’t like it at first. But I’ve grown to enjoy the quirks of each Housewife. While it’s a tad over dramatic and unrealistic, I’ve seen worse.

Who doesn’t love a little Dwight Schrute?

I love watching what kind of photo shoots they make the girls do with the final shots they get from each. Absolutely stunning. Plus, the final runway walk off is always thrilling.

Glenn Close is an incredible actress. I was going into Law before I switched to Business, so it gives me a taste of the over dramatic lawyer life. I also like where the story is unfolding, the twists and turns are surprising!

I’ve realized that I only like the audition episodes.

The rest of the show is interesting, but kind of boring for me unless there are a couple of stand out dances here and there like this one with Katee & Joshua dancing to Jordin Sparks’ “No Air”.

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