Change in plans: Trip to Asia has been cancelled

Piglet-Leaves-FallWe’ve been monitoring reports lately, and it seems like the H1N1 virus is becoming a real problem in China.

Since we were planning on going in November, it’s really out of the question now, as flu season will be in full swing and worse than any other time.

The ministry has said it plans to vaccinate 65 million people, or five percent of the total 1.3 billion population, before year’s end.

Vaccinating 5%.

And the hardest hit cities would be Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai — exactly the three spots we want to visit.

I don’t want to catch it personally, but traveling there as foreigners, would also not help our case if we did catch it and had to stay there to be quarantined or denied entry back into Canada.

So it’s sad, but BF and I are staying put in Canada for the winter.

The good news is that we’re saving the money, and maybe it’ll be cheaper to travel next year. 🙂

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