10 Long Trip Traveling Essentials

1. iPod & Good noise cancelling headphones to stop that awful airplane humming in your brain

I load videos in MP4 on my iPod and I watch Sex & The City when my HP Mini Netbook is drained.

2. A light paperback book in case you get tired of music, movies or videos

Consider donating the book when you’re done reading it, to anywhere in the cities you are visiting. It’s one less thing to carry back.

3. Comfortable clothing

You don’t want anything to press hard into your belly, or make you itch, or be too tight to make you squirm in your small economy seat.

4. A sweater/blanket to stay warm

I bring a pashmina so I can wear it in public. Your body temperature drops when you sleep, so you will need to stay warm when you’re dozing.

5. Travel pillow for your head for long flights

A must have for me, so I don’t end up with a crooked, painful neck or drooling on someone’s shoulder.

6.Comfy slip on and off shoes

Don’t forget to wear your socks!!

7. Some snacks

I hate airplane snacks.

Has anyone tried that foul Air Canada mustard trail mix BS? That made me gag…

8. Anti-bacterial wipes

To refresh your face & to wipe down the sides of the chairs & maybe the table too

9. Canteen of water

Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get past security.

10. Lip balm

It gets dry on the plane.

What are your top 10 Travelling Essentials?

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