What to wear, what to wear…

What to wear to a wedding in Paris?

That’s the big question on my mind right now.

I had mentioned in my budget recap that we are going to go to France and England next year for weddings, and while I have the English one down pat…. France poses a bit of a question for me.

I of course, turned to BF to bug him about what women wear to weddings.

FB: What do they wear in Paris? Is it more formal than here? Less?

Wait, what’s your idea of formal because when I went to a beach wedding, people showed up in flip flops and sundresses.

Is that formal? Or beach formal?

What did they wear when you went? Didn’t you bring a camera? Do you have pictures?

Typical boy answer: “Umm.. Women wear …a dress? Not in black or white?”


So I turned to my best friend: Google.

Turns out, they DO NOT dress up for a wedding like they do here in North America unless the couple is some pish posh high society pair… which, the bride and groom are NOT.

Go figure. 😀

Black is apparently OK but white is NO-KAY. But since I don’t really wear anything black, I’m safe.

And they also have two outfits — one for the day, a more casual one for the evening. *salivates*

I wish I had some pictures of French weddings that people have been to, but barring that, I am thinking along the lines of not having to purchase ANYTHING for the wedding we’re attending next year.

So, I don’t need to buy a tight satin cocktail dress with bling all over the place?


I mean, I won’t show up in this $30 Target dress (which I looove btw)

But maybe something like this Ann Taylor dress I got on sale in Chicago that is comfortable and drapey, because I hear French weddings are B-I-G on FOOD!

I would just need a light shawl or something to cover my shoulders out of respect.

… maybe I’ll just buy a pair of cute bronze or pink sandals to match the dress 😉 And I’ll switch into a wrap dress if I have to, for the evening so that I don’t freeze my butt off if it happens to be cold.

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