Top 3 most useless beauty products

Sometimes I think know that the beauty industry is trying to pull a fast one over us girls…

Here’s my personal list of the 3 most useless beauty products in existence:

Beauty Waste #1: Lip Exfoliators

I know girls who SWEAR by this stuff and I know it’s only $12 for a tube or whatever, but it’s still a waste of money and an unnecessary, added step.

What about my dry & chapped lips, FB!?

Baking soda or brown sugar mixed with a lip balm will do the trick.

And if you have very dry and chapped lips, slather on a semi-thick layer of petroleum jelly to let it soak into your lips over night, and then lightly buff off the cells with a washcloth in the morning.

I used to have very bad, dry, chapped lips. Know what fixed them? A little petroleum jelly, or lip balm at night. That’s it.

The skin will flake off on its own and reveal new, fresh, plump, lips underneath.

Beauty Waste #2: Promises of cellulite-free or wrinkle-free skin


Drives me crazy seeing an ad for these things.

Wrinkles appear deep under the skin.

Wrinkles are caused by constant sun damage, other environmental factors, and also because of the sheer fact that you make expressions with your face.

All these creams do, are inject moisture into your skin to plump up the wrinkles, but the effect is only temporary. You have to keep up with that expensive regimen forever.

Same with cellulite. It’s fat under the skin. How do you suppose a cream will get in there and magically eat the fat away?

All those cellulite creams contain are a mix of a type of caffeine-like molecule that gets in there, and sucks out the moisture in your skin so that it looks firmer and tighter.

But again, you have to keep up with that regimen for it to last. It is NOT permanent! You cannot erase wrinkles or get rid of cellulite without a little cosmetic surgery!

So how do I get rid of my wrinkles/cellulite?

Point blank, you CANNOT permanently get rid of wrinkles or cellulite unless you go under the knife.

Even cosmetic surgery is temporary. That botox stuff? Restylane? It all disappears and has to be re-injected into your skin after 3 or 6 months.

My advice is to embrace it. We’re unnatural, imperfect humans with flaws. Who wants to look and feel like a plastic Barbie?

Beauty Waste #3: Any product that claims to NOURISH your hair follicles from root to tip with this brand new, miracle blabbedy bla bla bla breakthrough…

Human hair is dead. Got it?

When it grows out, it’s dead, and made up of dead skin cells formed into a structure. It is not alive because live cells have blood vessels attached to it, to keep it alive from the inside.

When you cut your hair, does it bleed?fore

Therefore, there is NO POINT in nourishing your hair.

You have healthy hair that is shiny if the scales of your hair fit tightly together. Grey hair looks dull and crinkly because it IS crinkly — the outer layer of cells are not smooth & flat enough to reflect light to make it look shiny and healthy.

And you cannot add moisture to your hair or re-condition it to be fabulous if you have over processed it. Hair is dead and that’s the end of it.

Read this Beauty Brains article for a smarter, sexier explanation about why adding protein or moisture to your hair is a load of crock.

So how do I get shiny, luscious hair?

You can only do damage to your hair if you wash it, use your hair dryer or hair styling tools too much.

Shampoo strips away your natural scalp oils on your hair, and your hair gets brittle and weak, but it cannot be saved by added protein shampoos to make your hair feel and look stronger.

Wash your hair less.

Once every two or three days (mine is good for 3 days when I do the water only route).

Use shampoo sparingly.

You don’t need more than a LITTLE dollop.

Think about dying your hair less or not at all

Once I stopped dying my hair, my split ends stopped & my hair was so healthy and bouncy after. The colour looked incredible.

Even a boy noticed. (BF). That’s how good it was.

And avoid hot curling irons, hair straightening devices or hot hair dryers.

That stuff will do some crazy things to your hair. I know the straightening devices promise to make your hair shiny, smooth and healthy (and it even looks like it works!) .. but those hair straightening devices are STEAMING your strands of dead hair into temporarily looking flat and sleek.

If you keep doing that, the heat will eventually destroy your hair.

How about you? Anything you’ve tried that seems to make it worse?

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