Still more naysayers about the apartment life

Some of you had a positive response, others more neutral in a “hey, it’s your home, do with it what you want”…

While others are still challenging me (albeit a tad rudely), unable to believe that I could be happy in such a space because THEY couldn’t imagine living there.

I guess it’s a good thing you don’t then. Because I’d probably hate to live in your place šŸ™‚

Do you look around and smile when you are in your home? Because I do.

Of course we do. *odd look*

We smile every time we see the view and each other.

We don’t focus on things when we’re in our apartment, things like paintings or stuffed animals.

Please note that I’m not saying it’s a good or bad thing to want to decorate, I am just trying to explain that there ARE people out there like us who don’t like to decorate in conventional ways.

I think.. you may not be understanding what I am really trying to get across in terms of our view.

I’d show a picture but that’d give away where we live. Literally.

See, we don’t walk in and just stare at our walls. When we walk into our home, the view is right there, front and center. The parks, the river, the city landscape and the sky.

THAT, is our view and what makes me smile.

Seeing the people outside our apartment, the trees and the sun streaming through everything. It’s relaxing just to watch the view and see the birds land on our ledge, hop around and chirp (we’re on the highest floor).

When we talk to each other, I focus on BF and he focuses on me, or our eyes wander to the view that we have from our apartment.

We don’t actually have any spots in the home where we sit and stare at a blank wall. I’d rather just decorate where I DO spend time staring — my laptop.

aladyinred says that my place looks like a student starting out, empty, bare and not her style because let’s face it, I’m sleeping on the floor

Harsh. I find your comment quite rude, to be honest.

You’re passing judgment on a lifestyle that is not your personal style.

Can’t you just accept that people like us exist and don’t think we’re living a bare bones student lifestyle, and that we CHOSE to live like this?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you find comforting, warm and beautiful is not what I find comforting warm or beautiful.

Where you see beauty in hanging items on walls, we see junk.

I for one, can appreciate people’s beautiful homes, am an addict of Apartment Therapy, home decorating shows and I love to see how people decorate their space.

So yours might be quite appealing to me the way you’ve decorated it, and I might appreciate it… but for my own style, I can’t live day-to-day in that.

As a student, I never lived like this. I had all the conventional decoration and all the cheap knickknacks all around my room.

I wasn’t happy, because I didn’t have any restful places to let my eye wander towards. It was filled with clutter.

By choice. Not because I want to be a minimalist or not have furniture (those are bonuses).

We sleep on the floor by choice, because we can’t sleep in a regular bed.

We could buy a platform to make it look like a traditional bed but that’d just be the same thing to us, and going against our whole idea of not decorating for others.

We don’t see our apartment as bare.

You do, because you might like to decorate and smile at things you own, but we don’t need stuffed animals to remind us of people. I have one teddy bear, and she sits on my bed with me when I read, which makes me smile.

I don’t like displaying things. I don’t like displaying little teacups, little knicknacks, stuffed animals, pictures, prints… that stuff is not really our style. I hate fake flowers, I hate tables that aren’t big enough to hold anything of interest, and standing picture frames drive me mad when they’re propped up on a table.

We like actually having items to be able to use, that are functional, and still nice to look at.

Bottom line is: WE like it. YOU don’t live here. I’m trying to just show a way of life that may appeal to others. Clearly, not you.

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