Notes from Abroad

Aspiration’s Purse, email me if you want to get interviewed. brokeinthecity at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Erin was wondering if I’d still be posting. I am still posting! I have post up until the end of October.. Working my way into end of December.

🙂 I am just away on vacation and happy to not have to be on the internet at all… hahaha.. but I managed to get some dialup so it isn’t so bad… so I can answer some of the emails and comments.

B wanted to know about the Allersac purchase and in short, it’s a lot like a bedsheet. It just feels softer and thicker to sleep in, much like a cloth sleeping bag.

I’d suggest buying it if you cannot make your own out of some thick cloth properly. If I could sew straight lines I would have definitely done that instead and saved the money.. but the construction is good, and I didn’t feel itchy or irritated after I slept in it.

Frugal Bachelor mentioned that the SE passports from WD look great — they do! And actually, if they had a 2TB version, I’d still have two of them because I like having 2 backups of each other 🙂 From a de-cluttering perspective, it wouldn’t matter because I’d have two items anyway. And they’d just be smaller instead of being larger.


I am having an awesome time here. Relaxing, and actually LIVING. This is real life, y’all.

I am even thinking of moving here some day.


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