Not everyone sees decoration as being warm or beautiful. Some see it as clutter.

Reader me called my apartment devoid of emotion and depressing because I didn’t have anything on my walls and me thought that in my quest to declutter and clear out my life to be more minimalist, I had gone too far.

It’s only depressing to you. But you don’t have to live here. πŸ™‚

I think your points are valid, that you are expressing the fact that when you look at my seemingly devoid of personality apartment, it is depressing.. to you.

But to us, it’s peace, calm and a state of mind because we feel that our personalities are embedded in everything we own and use in the space. We don’t feel the need to put pictures of where we’ve been on the walls, or pictures of the two of us — we see each other everyday, 24 hours a day!

I’ve understood over the years that people decorate their homes to please others, but we have decided to decorate in ways to please ourselves.

When people look and come into our space they don’t think they see anything.

They find it weird, like you do, and feel depressed or uncomfortable because they expect to see pictures and knickknacks, the way they’ve decorated their homes and enjoy having people come in and comment about their items.

But it isn’t pleasing to us, to decorate to please other people’s aesthetics with paintings and knick knacks. We just aren’t into that stuff. And we don’t spend our times staring at walls. We spend our time on computers, or listening to music, talking to each other, and cooking.

Decorating an apartment doesn’t always tell people what your personality is like

Just thinking about it now, I wonder if a lot of people think that decorating shows your personality or who you are.

It just shows that you find a certain style aesthetically pleasing to your eye. But it doesn’t really say anything about who you are or what you are like as a person.

It does show it to some extent, but having a French Country rustic cottage style versus a Modern Minimalist style doesn’t mean that your personality is going to fit those styles. It just means you like having your home look like a distressed but new version of a cottage. But you may be a high-powered CEO who loves to go rock climbing.

And a Modern Minimalist style doesn’t mean you’re into hippie, zen, minimalist lifestyle. You could be one of the worst offenders to the environment, and spend all of your money on excessive things such as shopping or drinking.

Or a pack rat’s home. Like my parents. Walking through the entire place, you’d think my mom was the most unorganized, scatterbrained, crazy pack rat there ever was.

On the contrary. My mother is very organized, meticulous and always 10 minutes early for every appointment. She never forgets anything important and she does like to keep things, but that’s because of her background.

Personally, I don’t think that putting up photos of yourself and your family, or an orchid print shows anything about anyone’s personality.

It just shows where you came from or what you like in a print or a flower, but no one could look at the orchid print and say: She’s a fun, loving, easy going person who is an IT consultant.

A serial killer could like the same print and have it on her wall too.

We do decorate. Just in other areas.

We really decorate where it makes us the most happy — on our tech, and with our items that we use on a daily basis like our pots and pans, or fruits arranged all over the counter.

My personality is all in the things I use and own.

Just look into my closet — I have really brightly coloured, or printed clothing that I wear on a daily basis without a hint of black anywhere to be seen.

Look at the floor beside our futon — I have lots of books on various subjects scattered all over the floor half-read, and a whole center for technology on a rack to share between BF and I.

That says more about me and us than an orchid print on a wall ever could.

Or just check out the sites I have bookmarked in my Firefox. All my icons neatly organized tell you that I’m a blogger who loves to read a variety of sites on Google Reader, is addicted to Etsy, has a membership in many social networks, loves to visit all of her banking websites and dabbles in high finance.

I am on my computer about 75% of my waking hours and it’s where I spend most of my time.

I don’t particularly enjoy staring at a wall admiring static photos that have been up there for years, because I can’t change them as often as I want.

And if I want a reminder of my family and good times, I pull out my digital photos or my hardcopy photo albums and reminisce.

We prefer having blank walls to let our minds rest.

If you like photos and things on the wall, there are surely people (like us) who don’t like it. When I walk into people’s homes or apartments, or even look at homes on TV, I admire the general colour palette and style of the room, but to actually live there?

No way.

I feel an overwhelming sense of need to strip the walls of everything, to remove unnecessary but pretty looking furniture, and to be able to see blank spaces to let my mind rest.

Sometimes people overdecorate and it just … gives me a huge headache. I like having blank spaces to let my eye wander upon and start imagining a new layout for the blog on, or to see a vision of what I need to get done.

But not everything in our apartment has a blank slate.

Look at our view.

We have a gorgeous, full-windowed, always open and never curtained wall view across the back of our apartment showing the city landscape and nature trails all around the island says that we’re people who love to look at nature.

And the well-used bikes leaning up against them tell people that we’re avid bikers who use our bikes frequently instead of dumping them in a parking garage downstairs.

That full picture windowed wall is our artwork and our decoration.

Why would I need to hang random funny magnets, or pictures of places I’ve been to, when we have a whole wall that says so much more about who we are as a couple without shoving it directly in your face by plastering photos of nature all over the apartment?

Lastly, the kitchen has a full set of high quality pots and pans, including a rice cooker in the place of honour on the counter.

Instead of storing Vogue magazines in our oven, and lighting scented candles all over the kitchen to ruin the smell of food, it smells GREAT, and shows that we’re a couple that loves to cook… and eat.

Maybe when we have a home of our own, I’ll have a painting done by my mom or a photograph by my father on the wall where it has actual meaning and a history behind it, for me.

Until that day, our apartment is beautiful and calming just the way it is.

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