I wish Blogger had….

A way to let me reply back to each or all the comments as I am moderating them.

So that it can post my answer in a little indented window underneath the comment made.

I’d love to reply to each person, but it’s just too time consuming. 🙁

It’s why I do FB Answers posts now to really answer questions that are being asked.

Better, cooler, sexier themes.

I love me some Minima templates, but can we get with the program and update or add new ones?

An easier way to create blog layouts FOR FREE

I am imagining being able to just click and drag out corners, add all the cool features we want to customize our blog layout with, just by tweaking corners or adding things here and there.

Sort of like building a Blogger blog for Dummies, where you don’t need to know any CSS or HTML

I know Geek in Heels went with a blogging service that let her design her site exactly the way I described above, and her site looks awesome.

She also raved about how easy it was… but it isn’t for free, unfortunately.

With all that being said, I’m don’t want to move it off Blogger because:

A) I sweated BLOOD and TEARS to get this layout the way it looks right now! I’m too attached to it.

B) It still works. In a twisted, outdated way, but it works.

C) Blogger gives me free hosting.

D) I think I’d pretty much have to force all of you to re-RSS feed me and the old blog URL won’t point to my new URL any longer

*sigh* Dreams… are all we have to live on 🙂

Google, if you are reading this, please HIRE ME TEMPORARILY to help you revamp and update Blogger!!!

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