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Thanks to Rowan for the tip about doing a showcase of projects especially for IT

… but I do not do any programming and I cannot really do a showcase of projects on my resume, even online in a website.

All of my IT consulting is mostly business process re-engineering and that is very hard to display something so conceptual online.

I do think it is a wonderful idea, however!!

Rowan & Foxie also wanted to know more about my aversion to tanning

As for not liking to tan, it is because of health reasons and vanity for the most part.

Tanning is just a way of your body creating natural SPFs of 2 – 4 (depending on how dark you naturally are) and as a reaction to the sun BURNING your skin.

I heard that under the age of 30 if you receive even ONE sunburn on your body, it increases your chances for skin cancer by 50% or 75%.

I have never burned in my life, but I am not excited to feel what a sunburn is like on my body.

In addition, when I tan, it does not disappear or fade for a YEAR AND A HALF.

Seriously, I went biking with shorts and the tan from my biking shorts (without my nifty De Soto leg coolers) lasted for a year and a half. It was like I had a two tone body suit happening all over my body…

BF was amazed.


Tanning is the #1 cause of visible signs of aging.

Sunspots and wrinkles are caused by the sun and the UVA rays are what stay in your body and appear only 10-20 years later.

There is no way in hell I want to look like wrinkly, leathered hag when I am 40, like some women I see around Canada or the girls here in Portugal who in their early 30s look like they have a masque of dead, dark, brown skin all over their bodies *shudder*

Those women started tanning in their teens well into their twenties and they look like they are 60 instead of 40!!

Do a Butt Check in 10 or 20 years.

You are going to see that it has less wrinkles, aging and spots than the rest of your body that has been exposed to the sun on a regular basis.

And that is why I am trying my best to avoid getting a tan.

Other than being sick, I am having great fun in Europe. Can´t wait for France next year!


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