Confessions of an FB

I am so freaked about about childbirth

I know I’m going to have kids. And to think I wanted at least 3 or 4.

But now I am thinking I want them to come out as little tiny eggs, and I’ll gladly sit on them for 9 months until they hatch.

My other alternative, is to give birth to all of them at once. All 4. One shot. Quadruplets.

Or turn into a seahorse. Did you know the males are the ones who get pregnant and give birth?

(See picture on the left. It’s a pregnant MALE seahorse!)

How did the women in the past do it?

The ones who gave birth, then later on, got up, dressed, and went out into the fields to continue working?

It seems like these days, women have taken the power in childbirth. They’re coddled and fussed over for 9 months and given anything they wish (oysters on strawberry cheesecake, anyone?), and they’re given 6 months off after giving birth.

I am not knocking today’s practice (am looking forward to the painkillers), I just want to know how it evolved from being such a vague, everyday, tough-it-out ordeal to what it is today, a seemingly pampered birth.

I never thought I’d like Star Trek

I was always a Star Wars girl. Amidala? Check. Skywalker? Hot. Leia? Love the ‘do.

But then I watched Star Trek (the movie) 2009 on the 7 hour airplane back from Lisbon and I LOVED IT!

Are we turning into a Trekkies!?

BF started mimicking Spock on the plane with the parted fingers, muttering “Live long and prosper”….

I am also publicly admitting to liking Hello Kitty

I don’t own anything Hello Kitty … yet.

But in Portugal, EVERYONE is obsessed with her!

It wasn’t as crazy as when I went to Japan, but it was .. pretty much her face everywhere.

She was even an icon for some parking lot.

And all the little girls love Hello Kitty, and the young adults and women have Hello Kitty T-shirts and tote bags.

Now I really want a Hello Kitty tote bag.

I hate using the Mac. I love my PC. But I hate Microsoft.

Yeah yeah, I know, the Mac is so much cooler.. bla bla bla.. how many of you owned a Mac for years before the iPod was released? Raise your hands. That’s what I thought. 😛

But I can’t stand Microsoft any more. I love using a PC, and I much prefer Windows over the Mac.

For me, it’s just a question of familiarity and quickness/ease of use.

I dislike the Mac because:

1. The mouse never works properly on it. I mouse over to a section and it seems to get stuck often. I NEVER have this problem with a laser mouse on a PC.

It only seems to be on a Mac. Even the mousing pad on a Mac is annoying. It keeps getting stuck for some reason or not responding.

2. The layout of the windows annoy me. I hate having to angle my mouse right on a tiny little circular icon I can barely see on the window. At least on a PC, they are large boxes to Minimize, Maximize and Close.

I don’t even think you can Maximize in a Mac window. You have to literally click and drag out the damn corners.

3. I am not used to the shortcuts. They are so weird. Why do I have a weird squiggly button that doesn’t act like a CTRL, beside the CTRL? I hate having to remember a prefix button just to get anything done.

4. Not all the programs I love and use are available on it. There are Mac alternatives, but they just don’t do what I want them to do. They’re missing little features that seem insignificant, but mean a lot in the name of time.

So many more programs are available for the PC, bottom line.

Just like how the iPhone is dominating the market because it has so many third party apps for people to download. Period.
5. Everything is too simple. This sounds weird, but Mac’s version of Excel (Numbers) is cool and pretty, but it doesn’t do anything! I can’t do all the complex, open formulas like I can in Microsoft Excel.

Sure, I have MS Excel for the Mac, but that’s not the point. Everything from Apple is too simple sometimes. It’s too basic, and I need a bit more functionality or complexity to really be accurate.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the PC too.

Windows XP and Vista SUCK.

1. I hate how Vista has to download every window I go into. Like if I click on Videos, it has to “download” the contents in the bar at the top. WTF WINDOWS?

2. I hate how Windows locks up, freezes or crashes itself or programs for no reason.

3. I don’t understand the names given to the brains of the machine. I am missing the xlaihtd.dll? WTF is that Windows? Tell me! Why do I need a eixtuel.dll to run anything?

There is no transparency.

4. Nothing is organized properly or logically. The programs are poorly organized by folder including uninstall applications and all of this other crap, instead of just having the simple icon of the program available, like in Macs.

I have since modified my Windows Vista with Stardock to remedy this BS. See this post about my Minimalist Desktop.

5. The code is old, fat and bloated. They have just taken the original Windows and added MORE CRAP TO IT instead of re-coding and re-doing the entire operating system from scratch. Windows Vista is slow and a piece of crap, because it is the original Windows, with more memory hogging power and problems.

What I am hoping for, is a FOURTH operating system (have never tried Linux but am thinking of experimenting with it on another laptop) that will come and take over the computing world by a storm so that it becomes accepted in all places of business so I am able to use my laptop on client site.

Google? Are you listening?

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