What are men looking for in a woman?

I totally, randomly (okay, not randomly, I am after all, writing a blog for mostly women) asked a guy friend last night what he was looking for in a woman.

“Well FB, I want a a girl who likes to eat, but not to be fat.”

To me, this is really contradictory (yet a common answer) to want a girl that eats like a guy every day, scarfing down steak, mashed taters, corn and washing it down with a beer but then looks like a slender supermodel.

Totally unrealistic. Don’t worry, I set him straight.

“She also has to be able to manage her cash but not earn more than me.”

Totally a macho, yet honest answer. Seems like most guys (even the ones who deny it), secretly don’t want a woman to earn more than them because then they feel emasculated. Go figure.

I told him he was crazy. At least be happy she makes more money, not less. That way you two can pool your cash together and be financially secure.

“How about a girl that looks gorgeous without makeup? I hate that makeup gook.”

He named a few people that we know, and I told him he was nuts because has he never heard of the natural look? Those girls (I knew), wore a lot of makeup but are able to make it seem very natural because they’re good at application.

But then guys are under the impression that girls don’t have dark undereye circles, uneven skin tone, large pores, pimples, short eyelashes, thin lips… etc etc.

They think all of that primping and plumping is natural beauty.

This could be true, but for a very small percentage of girls. So small that I only know one girl who fits that description of being ‘gorgeous’ without makeup, and even she has a bit of an undereye problem during late night projects.

But the nicest thing in the end, is that he admitted he just doesn’t want to be alone, wants to be supported and to have someone to really trust.

Even though he can picky now, he feels like he’s able to be picky because he’s younger and not as desperate as he will be in 5 years.

That’s just my one-man survey, but…

What else do you think men are looking for in a woman? Men, weigh in if you can!

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