Update on clutter wrangling

I managed to get rid of the following:

– An old black computer chair from my brother that NO ONE WILL SIT IN.

– Tons of hangers (I called ahead.. they told me as long as it wasn’t wire, to bring ’em in)

– Lots of books (my entire library in fact. I’m going to switch to e-books)

– Decorative knick knacks (metal tins wrested from BF’s grip, random wood sculptures)

– 2 clothing racks (the actual racks, no clothing on them)

– Couple of pieces of clothing I can’t even dream of fitting into (my shoulders are too wide)

– A filing cabinet

– Lots of little decorative bathroom glass things that you put cotton balls and other things in

– A couple of random purses, jewelery and shoes (Didn’t have the heart to even try to sell them)


Now the room looks more open, less cluttered and clean.

I also told my parents about my new rule.

FB: If anything makes its way back into the room when I visit, it stands a chance of being donated.

Just so you know.

Nothing is safe in there. If you leave it in that room, it goes.

I also took back the following stuff to sort:

A big box of photos — I am going to scan them into the computer and only keep the photos I want to look at in an album (very old photos).

Stuff we are going to mail to his family (*groan*)

CDs/DVDs that we are probably going to give to his family too

BF’s Back!

Thanks for all of your concerns re: BF’s back (his actual back/spine) through emails and tweets, alike.

First, he IS pain free! 🙂

And second, he’s tried all the options — chiropractor, acupuncture, pills, massages, therapy, etc etc.

Chiropractors seem to do a good job, but then the pain comes back inevitably. It never disappears for more than a day or so with them.

It’s a problem he will have to live with for the rest of his life, and is a physical deformity in his spine, not a mental or nerve issue that can be solved otherwise.

He says there are only 3 things he has to do to keep his back pain free forever:

1. He cannot sit on very soft surfaces.

That includes couches, leather or otherwise, or anything that isn’t a firm, or thick piece of foam that will support and keep his spine aligned as he is sitting. Bean bags and poufs are also out of the question.

2. He must practice yoga.

It helps strengthen the back muscles and it’s the only exercise (other than biking) that seems to really help him gain instant relief.

3. He cannot get fat.

If he tips towards even 10 – 15 pounds of extra weight, he has to cut back HARD, because weight really puts a lot of pressure on his back.

So.. that’s it.

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