Trying to get rid of things, is futile.

It aggravates me when I try and clean out things from my home and especially from my old room at my parents’, because all that JUNK inevitably makes its way back into my room and it looks like a freaking mess again.

It’s because my parents won’t let me sell or throw away hangers (lots of them), and want to keep everything I want to get rid of.

But the kicker is that they keep telling me to clean the hallway with my junk and to THROW THAT STUFF OUT SO THEY CAN STOP LOOKING AT IT!

But then they go and put it all back because they can’t bear to let one hanger leave the home.

Now, I’m trying to shift the clutter away from the home, and am going to donate most of my books (all except my special books like manga)…. just to get that clutter out of the home.

But then BF saw me trying to remove things from the home, and kept spying things HE wanted to keep, or he could keep for his family…

So now we’re going to pack 3 huge boxes of stuff and ship it to his family because apparently they want everything.

If it leaves my room, it gets stopped by my parents (hangers fall in this bucket) and if not my parents, BF will stop the cleaning to squirrel it into a suitcase to ship to his family.

This is kind of like shifting clutter.


Just the other day I said to him: “Does your sister want an apple corer?”

He said: “She wants everything. Pack everything. Pack it all”

Me: “Even a random metal tin?”

Him: Everything. She loves metal tins.”

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