Toronto’s Garbage Worker Strike

In case you don’t know what the fugg is going on, Toronto’s Garbage Workers have gone on STRIKE.

What for, you ask?

For more MONEY of course!!!

I saw an excellent comment by a Miss Emma that says what I was thinking when I heard the news:

But as Ginger said, maybe this is the silver lining to get people to reduce their trash as a result of seeing it pile up in the streets?


I also think that the garbage workers are just causing more trouble for themselves in the end.

The Sanitation Department has to go around and help them sanitize a city, tourism is going to hurt because no one wants to be walking around in stinky FILTH, and they’re going to have to pick up ALL OF THAT ISH sooner or later.

IT IS ALL GOING TO COST US EXTRA MONEY, TIME AND EFFORT that we cannot afford to waste right now.

I think Emma makes a great point about thinking of others in these times of recession.

Do these garbage workers REALLY want to lose their cushy unionized jobs at this time?

And there are others out there hurting who may become freelancers and just offer private garbage removal services to the City instead, screwing everyone who doesn’t want to work for what I think is decent pay in these times (I think they get something like $30/hour?).

Or what if cheaper workers come in and work for minimum wage just to make ends meet? These garbage workers are now going to be broke assed, unemployed workers standing in a Food Bank line just because of a couple of sick days and a whine for higher pay in this kind of economy.

It’s going to become a habit! The teachers almost strike every 3 years in this city also aggravate me because they do the same damn thing!!!!

The pressure is on.

(P.S. I hear in France, groups of union workers take turns striking during the year, sometimes taking the summer off. Confirm?)

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