Reader Help: I can’t get a student loan!

Hi drawnfromlife. I couldn’t get a hold of you.. and since you read my blog, I’ll just talk to you via this post.

This is what you wrote:

Here is the situation: I’m in college and I still have to use my parents on my financial aid forms.

Well, I was surprised to see that they had been approved for a Parent Plus Loan (a loan parents can take out just for the childs education). They had never been approved before so I asked the financial aid office to make sure it was right.

All was well, so they had me submit the pre-application and once again it was approved. I came to find out that the school keeps your loan listed as approved, whether or not it’s really been approved…and once all the credit checks are done they switch it to denied!

I was really relying on this aid to cover the difference this year and now I found out that they were never approved in the first place! The financial crisis has made it almost impossible for me to get a private student loan, even with a co-signer. My credit is about average, and all lenders want spectacular!

Now I’m about $400 short for tuition and I have no money for books or supplies. I only make about $350-400 a month, and my bills are about $215-230. At this point, I have hit a couple of snags financially and I have no savings.

Any idea on what I should try to do to find some money? I don’t want to charge tuition and books, that’s just asking for trouble. Thank you, FB!

Don’t thank me! Thank the readers who are going to comment and give you advice.

I have no experience with this whatsoever, because I just got public student aid from the government and my college had a policy that no one would be turned away based on financial hardship.

All I can gather from here, is that you need to get yourself another job pronto to make the cash, since $400 is not such a huge amount.

But if that is truly impossible… then I am up the creek right now.

Can someone from the States please help out? This is something I am not familiar with. Thanks in advance.

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