Why do people persist in stopping right in the middle of everything?

When I’m coming off an escalator, walking out of an elevator, biking on a narrow path, or walking in general.

I almost ran over a woman today with her kid because she stopped DEAD IN THE MIDDLE of the tracks without warning.

I had to swerve and scare a squirrel. I was so annoyed.

Are Tory Burch ballet flats all they’re cracked up to be?

I mean, that big gold medallion on the front is kind of ostentatious but if they’re super comfortable.. who am I to knock it?

I should try them out in the store to check the hype.

What’s the deal with everyone trying to do weird ass things like shiso leaves and yuzu on everything?

The best meals are usually the simplest, homey kind of meals, like soft, deliciously glazed short ribs with some fresh veggies.

(Oh yes. BF made that too. 🙂 )

Why are jeans the most difficult piece of clothing to buy in a wardrobe?

Seriously people. Can we just make trouser jeans more often? I’m almost done with my only pair.

And how about throwing in some straight legged jeans, without strange whiskering, embroidery or slashes?

In a dark denim wash. Thanks.

Oh and maybe a stretchy waist that doesn’t make me look like a retiree.

Whatever happened to reading as an acceptable hobby?

When I tell people I like to read as a hobby they think it’s code for going out to drink in a bar and pick up strange men for one night stands.

Then when I say: No really, READ. As in, pick up a book?

I think I may have also stumbled upon a wonderful secret. Reading/working out your brain even while sitting, burns more calories than just sitting and staring at the boob tube — around 140 calories an hour I think.

Do you ever wonder if aliens think that dogs are the masters of humans?

Think about it. They pick up the poop of the dogs, they work hard to make money to feed them and buy them toys.. they build them mini mansions & feed them better than their own kids sometimes.


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