Men & Strippers

Totally my opinion all over this post but I am not surprised that guys have (or do) go to strip clubs, but I definitely don’t approve of them if they have wives or girlfriends…

Sure, they may go when they are single, fine, whatever (I still find it a bit disgusting)… but once they get a girlfriend or a wife, I am of the opinion that they should stop the behaviour because it’s not real.

Not real in the sense that those women up there are dancing naked for money which is totally cool for them, since they’re fleecing you suckers!

But you’ve got a woman, ready to be naked for you at home! And she’s not doing it for the money (well, not directly anyway, there are some women who are financial parasites)….

Anyway, imagine this: you get home alone, turned on, and look at your wife or girlfriend who may not be what you lust after (we’re talking unrealistic bodies here, with pumped up breasts, and women who dance all day for money so are in fantastic shape), and you feel disappointed.

That’s sad. Very, very sad to think about actually.

To feel DISAPPOINTED when you look at your woman when you get home.

Men may not feel disappointed to what I’m imagining, but they’ll sure feel something negative, since going to a strip club must have SOME negative effect – including unrealistic expectations of what a woman’s body should look like (trim, flat stomachs, inflated boobs, super tight muscles… please. Who has time and money for that if it isn’t your job?)

Worse, is if you have children and you frequent strip clubs.

It’s just me. But I don’t like the idea of guys looking at porn alone, going to strip clubs with the guys… I’m sure it may seem natural to a lot of women and a few of you are like: FB, shut up! It’s totally liberating! I even go with my man sometimes!

But I just can’t be that kind of girl.

I even find it a disgusting to the point where if he were to go out with the guys and then go to a strip club, I wouldn’t want to know about it (ignorance is bliss), and/or I wouldn’t want to have sex with him for at least 2 weeks.

My body would just reject him.

Man, I sound like a freak now! But it’s totally psychological and what I feel that I’d go through mentally.

What do you think? Strip clubs OK when you’re with a girlfriend/married/with or without kids? Or not?

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