I’m starting to love cucumbers

really, really REALLY used to hate these veggies.

Something about that odd sweet but aloe-something-foreign-and-not-in-a-good-way to me flavour of cucumbers was never appealing.

I hated eating them with a passion and would move them to the side of my plate when my mom served them fresh with this really heavy pork dish to add some fresh crunch to the plate.

Gross. Totally gross. Even the smell sickened me.

Until one day, I tried a bit of salt on them. It was like an explosion in my mouth!

I couldn’t believe that all it took was a little fleur de sel and this stuff would actually taste good.

So I decided to go a bit further…. and I dipped them experimentally in my sushi soya sauce today.

In case you don’t know, Sushi Soya Sauce is not JUST plain soya sauce.

I used to buy an expensive $4 – $5 bottle of this mix of soya sauce (see left), just to dip my sushi in (it makes a difference in the taste of the sushi, trust me)… until we decided to try and make our own version.

My mom’s sushi soya sauce is a mix of castor (powdered) sugar and soya sauce until the right blend of sweetness and saltiness is achieved.

BF and I prefer a mix of HONEY and soya sauce to taste.

And after dipping the cucumber slices into that sauce….?


Can we say, the Holy Grail of cucumber dipping sauces for me!?

The sweetness of the honey and the saltiness of the soya sauce, when dipping a cucumber stick in there, doesn’t really absorb into the cucumber, but coats it lightly instead.

Now I want to cut up a whole cucumber, pour a little of that sauce out (we pre-mix it in a bowl and pour it into the old container we bought the sushi soya sauce in) and have it as a light snack.

Pop into your mouth, and .. damn. It’s an explosion in your mouth and on your tastebuds.

Either that.. or I just really, really love soya sauce. LOL

Soya sauce ice cream? Anyone?

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