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P.S. I prefer answering to questions in comments this way, so that if anyone has the same question but didn’t want to de-lurk or be bothered to ask, they can just read what someone else asked. Hope you feel the same way.

Looky Looky what I got yesterday!

Homemade biscotti by BF. We omitted the half almonds this time, because I like a plain biscotti better.


Moving on…..

F asks: Where did you get your travel pillow?

Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC).

You have to pay $10 for a membership there, but it lasts for life, and you buy what you want.

It’s a better store with more items than the local (similar) La Cordée here, and MEC is all the rest of Canada too.

This is the Medium-sized one I bought. The small felt too small to be comfortable, especially since it is doing double duty in hotel rooms as well.

Some people don’t like the “yucky foam cube like texture”, but I really am not bothered by such small details. I don’t need a pillow that can squish up into something a third its size, to be anything but a pillow with good neck and head support, unlike pillows that lose their fluff and density after a couple of sleeps.

Alex asks: What kind of brand of contacts do you wear? My Cost-Co seems to carry all of them..

Ah but my Cost-Co is not yours, and being in Quebec, they only carry 6 brands when I checked and none were mine.


None of them are my Acuvue 2 (the only kind I can actually remove from my eyes at night without stabbing it out with my fingernail.

As an unrelated FYI, I tried the Acuvue Oasys contacts and they were VERY thin, flexible & comfortable, but I couldn’t remove them at night because they kept sliding into the corners of my eyes & staying put.

Meg wants to know if bedside storage is an issue for me.

Not really.

I put everything beside me on the floor, and in little boxes to keep it organized, or those little racks you normally put in tall cupboards for more space?

I like having my items out there in the open on a box such as my lip balm, glasses and books, because I’m blind as a BAT in the morning and I just need to feel around for things when I don’t have contacts in or my glasses on.

I’ve never had a real bedside table before, so I can’t be considered a good judge as to what you use a bedside table for, other than storing stuff and maybe a little lamp?

I guess the lamp could be mounted near to the floor on the wall if you really want.

I used to do that in my old apartment, I put this Ikea Grono lamp on the floor for $6.99 CAD and turned it on and off when I needed it at night with the little switch that comes with it.

Worked great.


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