FB Answers & Musings Double Feature: I may have gone overboard with Mad Men-ifying myself.

First, Answers.

Concojones: Can you sleep without your pillows in between your legs and hugged all night on your side on a futon?

Oh it’s just my childhood thing. I can’t sleep without a body pillow. Of course you can sleep without one 🙂

I just find it more comfortable with the body pillow and I learned later on that it helps align your spine for less aches.

I usually end up rolling over on my back and throwing the pillows away, sleeping like a starfish and knocking BF off onto the floor.

Haha sorry.. I just threw that in there without thinking about whether or not it was relevant to futons. It’s just how I sleep.

And you’re welcome. Thanks for getting me motivated to get started on the draft of this futon post. I had it sitting in Draft for.. months as a “To Post” until you emailed me. Haha..

Laura says that if you’re curvy you should try out H&M Jeans, because they work on her and she’s not even a H&M Girl…

Thought I’d pass along the great tip for all you curvy girls out there.

Thanks Lauren!

But I’m not curvy at all, alas!!!!

Think rectangular, straight up and down, no real curves to speak of kind of deal, except for my round belly which is incidentally BF’s favourite part.

We’re a belly friendly home.

All jeans sag in the butt for me (well.. maybe not as much now, as I gained some weight in the past year or so), and I can never find jeans that fit my belly with my strange shape.

I have an expandable belly. I can’t explain it, but when I eat, she puffs out and is super round and people think I’m pregnant.

But when I am super hungry, or when I work out too much, my belly goes flat-ish and disappears as if I lost 10 pounds immediately.

It’s the oddest thing…

Second, Random stuff.

I Mad Men’d myself to exhaustion last night.

I came up with scenarios in my head of each outfit & item in my hand and this is what I got:

You too, can lose 2 hours of your life at Mad Men Yourself.com!

I am going to start using these images as avatars. I’m heading back into the pit to make some with different hairstyles this time…

And now for funny captions & quotes…

I simply MUST have a glass of martini before being able to squeeze myself into that tight outfit again.

Tally ho! I need to head into that sexist ad office to give those boys a good whipping.

And every woman needs a little snack once in a while to keep her curves.

I lost my starred emails in my Gmail

For those of you who sent me interviews and other financial stuff, please re-send it if you haven’t already. I’m sorry! I must have hit a wrong button and trashed them by accident or .. I don’t know what.

So sorry. Please re-send!

I am declaring my love of eggs.

I really love them. The one single food I could eat in almost any form or way it’s cooked.

Soft-boiled, hard-boiled, sunny side up, poached, scrambled, broken…

Mmm.. making me hungry for a little poached egg right now.

This guy was as gay as pink suede.. I swear…

Not that I care, but I was SO SURE I had this one colleague pegged as being gay.

Gay as pink suede, the guy lived in the gay area of Toronto and was just too clean to be straight (no offense). Anyway, he was charming and a bit too pretty.

Then I find out later on that he’s actually straight!


With a wife!

But apparently may have some confusion about his sexual orientation because he kept quizzing waitresses about who looked gay at the table.

She picked him out as the only gay guy, over the other gay guys.

And he was SO SURE he wouldn’t be picked as being gay. *rolls eyes* I think he’s in denial.

Cars that drive fast only to stop at a red light must be budding Village Idiots

I really don’t understand driving fast or racing. I mean, we’re not in a Formula One race of our lives. And on the highway, what’s so wrong with getting there 10 or 20 minutes later? Over risking your life by driving so quick?

In town, people drive fast to cut me off on the road, but then end up stopping at the same red light as I. Or even worse, they cut me off to get ahead of me for a light or two, and then since I wasn’t playing the Swerve Game, they end up behind me again because they got screwed by being stuck behind a parked car.

I need a vacation. And I’m taking one.

Sounds so stupid coming out of my mouth. I need a vacation. From what? I’m not even working!

I need a vacation from this blog.

I have too many ideas coming out of my head without enough time in a day or the energy to post all of it. And I put myself under these crazy time pressures sometimes.

I am totally knackered and just plain tired. If I don’t get my break and a recharge on my batteries off this 3 week vacation, I am on the verge of just letting the blog fade into the darkness, which is something we don’t want to happen at all now, do we? 🙂

3 days and counting!!!!!!

Oh and don’t be surprised if I just “MARK ALL READ” on most of my Google Reader when I come back.

I do that quite often these days, and I am dreading the 20,000 posts that will be there when I return.

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