Update your Cube

Wired had a whole bunch of examples of spiffed up cubicles but I find them too kitschy to be functional.

They say that updating your cubicle is a great way to make you be happier to be at work. Apparently the more relaxed and happy you are in your environment, the more likely time will fly by because you’ll actually enjoy being at your desk.

Of course, there is only so much you are able to do in a cubicle.

Here are a couple of simple solutions:

1. Clean up.

Get rid of all the loose papers, unsightly binders, or knickknacks hanging around for no good reason.

Try stuffing them into a drawer or arranging them neatly in a corner rather than having them stacked haphazardly.

Toss old knickknacks you don’t want any longer or give them away.

Wipe down your desk area, and just PURGE as much as you can.

Get stuff OFF your desk area rather than cluttering it. Pin it up if you have to. Get a cute box to stuff in the loose papers. Something! Anything!

2. Personalize a bit

Simple solutions like having pictures of family and friends are a good start. You can even consider having a theme in your cubicle like having potted plants and a ocean-green sort of feel.

If you have the space and the ability to do so, putting up inspirational pictures on your cubicle wall is infinitely better than staring at a grey fabric covered wall.

For example these are wall calendars are pretty yet functional.

Keep in mind while decorating your cubicle that function should not be compromised. If you can’t work because it’s too fun, then you need to stop!

See Jane Work is a great resource for pretty binders, file folders and office things that will make any drab cubicle more personalized.

Functional items, like marker/magnet boards or cork boards, are great for daily notes and reminders and you can actually find a lot of fun pins with colours and designs on them.

3. Make your office accessories fun

Who needs all black and brown? Why not get a nice, (re-fillable) and colourful portfolio to use to take notes in meetings instead of that 5-Star binder?

4. And keep it NEAT!

It could be really hard, but keeping it neat will keep the clutter and stress of it at bay. Try cleaning up once a day, or once a week before you leave, so that you come back to a wonderfully clean office after the weekend.

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