The Shopping: Boston & Chicago

First, Fox & Obel.. yummy lemon covered blueberry shortbread

What you were all waiting for…. THE SHOPPING from both cities!

I love Target. *heart*

$3. $3!!! For a long-sleeved, dri-fit biking top.

Beautiful dress for only $25. Fits like a dream, lined in the chest area, and is incredibly comfortable.

THIS, is why I love Target.

Comfortable grey top for sleeping

Navy Robe with teal sash

And matching nightie

And finally, a $10 deep blue tank that I am in love with

Went around the most expensive shoe shops.

FINALLY found a pair of perfect pink sandals to match with the outfit I’m wearing to the wedding by Mr. Blahnik

WAY. WAY. WAY too expensive.

Ended up at Nine West …

And bought these babies!

Jai Sandals, $59.99 .. Gorgeous, Pink Suede, 4″ heels with a platform.

Tutorial on how to walk in high heels coming later.

It looks MUCH better in person, less coral, more pink-y

Interestingly enough, it goes perfectly with the Ann Taylor dress I got on sale!

It is beautiful! Flowy, drapey…

Gorgeous bow at the back

And beautiful print 🙂

Bag Heaven.

Inside Anthropologie

And that did it for my two trips!

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