Setting up a proper email signature

This irritates me to no end. BAD email signatures.

I’ll keep it short & sweet.


  • No phone numbers – What if I WANTED to call you?
  • No email addresses Sometimes you just don’t want to click on “details” and go through the hassle of finding it
  • Who they areLike their title and their full name and position and/or department. Something, Anything!
  • No signatures at all
  • Lots of Graphics and LogosI hate downloading that crap
  • Background ImagesSome look so kiddy and cheesy then you can’t read what they’re saying
  • Too many colours
  • Juvenile fontsIt may be weird to call a font juvenile, but Comic Sans does that for me and is unprofessional
  • Quotes of the Day
  • Green messages like “Do you really need to print this?” I’m green, but that is irritating


  • In plain text, not HTML
  • No background – white is fine
  • Black font – Times New Roman is inoffensive
  • A header logo is fine but only if people don’t have to download any new images

This is what you should have in an email signature:

  • Full Name & Title (and/or Department you work in)
  • Email Address (just in case you have many)
  • Company Name
  • Web URL
  • Office Number and/or Extension
  • Cellphone Number (if used for business)
Any other suggestions or email signature pet peeves?

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