People who annoy me no particular order.

1. Chef Bobby Flay
Reason: Arrogance, mostly.

2. Paris Hilton
Reason: Do I really need one? Fine. From a style perspective, everything she wears looks wrong on her, because she manages to make it look trashy.

I will never eat another burger again. Just kidding.

3. Perez Hilton
Reason: He’s scaring people. Glad someone punched him in the face.

4. Kate Gosselin

Reason: I am sick of hearing about her. Her and her stupid spiky haircut that makes her look like a Cockatoo.
Cockatoo Kate! Cockatoo Kate! I also don’t like how she totally transformed into this unrecognizable media whore.

5. The person who invented hot pants

Reason: He made every girl think that they can wear it without looking slutty and exposing their booty bits. WRONG! SO gross.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Reason: She brought tights as pants into fashion. Seriously? Women, ladies, can we have a little respect for ourselves and wear a top LONG ENOUGH to cover your butt?

I don’t care if you walk around looking like you’ve got two licorice sticks for legs. Just cover up your naughty bits. No one wants to see your bare ass when you bend over.

I could go on, but I am running out of laptop juice.

7. Kelly Choi

Reason: She’s the new annoying host of Top Chef Masters.

You’d think that for a COOKING SHOW especially, they wouldn’t show an anorexic, tiny woman with an oddly shaped face just because she’s a different ethnicity (Padma was Indian, Kelly is Chinese.. see a pattern here?) ….

Instead of boosting ratings, she’s making me cringe with disgust each time she speaks.

There is no way this woman eats more than a bite of each delicious dish they prepare. And her voice is annoyingly bossy.

Sickening. Put me on the show. I’ll do a hell of a better job than Skeletor, because I’ll actually EAT.

Chime in with your favourites! (and reason too)

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