Knowing the value of a dollar without working

Can this truly be done?

Can people learn what it truly takes to earn a dollar these days, without ever having had to work a day in their life?

BF does not think so at all.

I know a guy who’s wife has never worked in her life and she doesn’t understand that things cost money and money takes a LOT to earn. She looks at his wage of $150,000 as NET income rather than gross, and thinks that they should be bringing in $12,500 a month. So she spends that amount since she’s never seen a pay slip before and seen how much gets taken off for taxes and other government programs.

She also thinks that vacations are an entitlement for her working so hard at home with the kids (nobody is entitled to vacations), and doesn’t think twice about flying off on vacations or staying in hotels at $500/night and going to spas on weekends because she has never made a single dollar in her life. She doesn’t know how hard it is, and she just thinks money comes off trees (so to speak).

If she had to work a minimum wage job, I think she’d pick up on it pretty quick about how hard it is to make money, even $15,000 a year is a stretch at minimum wage, full-time.

And if she had to live on that…..!

What do you think?

Can you really learn the value of a dollar without ever having worked for one?

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