How to get Google Reader Offline

Step 1: Download and install Google Gears

Link: Google Gears

This is super easy to install. Just run the .exe (executable file) and it will update your Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Step 2: Re-start Firefox/Internet Explorer

Step 3: Go to Google Reader and set it to Offline Mode

At the very top right of your Google Reader, click on the green arrow that is now installed from Google Gears, and it will ‘save’ your items (about 200+ or so or maybe more) in text files.

No images, no videos and nothing fun, but at least the text is there!

Then you just go home, use that SAME window (don’t refresh it or do anything like that) and go through your items normally.

Step 4: When you want to sync everything back

Get connected to the internet, and press the same arrow button at the top that should now be a grey/blue kind of arrow instead of green.

A bar will appear to re-sync everything back and then you’re good to go.

All the items you read, skipped, pressed “Share” on, whatever, will now sync in your Google Reader.

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