FB’s Purse

So this is what I normally carry around with me on any given day, with the exception of the GPS device – I only have that if I drive to somewhere unfamiliar.

2 Wallets

I have 2 wallets – one for personal one for business.

I tried to merge the two into one wallet and got screwed and had to count my money every night to make sure the two were separated, and my receipts kept getting mixed up.


  • Apple Shuffle — The clip is the BEST for when you’re walking & you don’t want it to slip out.
  • Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS
  • Cellphone
  • Digital Camera
  • Palm T|X PDA

Eco-friendly Starbucks stuff & Mints

I re-use the cup holder when I forget to bring my own travel mug.

My brother taught me this one — the green stick is for the cup, to block that little hole for when it’s too hot to drink and you don’t want to spill it all over yourself.

Girly stuff

  • Sunglasses — essential!
  • Hairbands — also essential
  • Lip Gloss & Lip Balm
  • Pad of paper & Pen — even with a PDA, I seem to write a lot of notes or give out info

Emergency & Cleaning

  • Tide to Go — Love it. Pre-treats heavy stains.
  • Wet Wipes —Not the same as tissues, and when you don’t have any water nearby.
  • Tissues — I want to replace this with handkerchiefs.
  • Emergency Contact Lenses

It seems like a lot to tote around, but it all fits in a medium-sized purse.

I also have sunglasses on my head most of the time, and it may seem unnecessary to carry ALL of that stuff around, but you’d be surprised when I am out walking and suddenly I wish I had my camera to take a picture of something gorgeous or of something horrific.

And I am prepared for most problems – contacts dying or being rubbed out of my eyes, wet and dry wipes just in case of spills.

I don’t carry any of that if I’m out with BF just walking, I just bring my silver ID case and just put a couple of cards and some cash in there.

Works great. Sucks for coins, and I never have my rewards cards on hand, or all the info I need. LOL

What’s in your wallet?

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