Revisited: Faring on a $1000 budget

Original Post: How I would fare on a $1000 budget a month (Revisited)

My original answer was:

Oh no.

There is no way I can cut it down because my rent is too high at $575, which is already split between BF and I. Without a doubt, I’d need to move to a different apartment.

My new answer is:

HELL YES I can do it.

How fortuitous that I predicted I’d have to move to a smaller apartment ($375/month chopped from $575/month), because that’s exactly what I’m doing!

It would still be a bit of a stretch to try and save for retirement and savings as well, but it’s possible for me to live on $1000/month, assuming I suddenly stop buying all toiletries and clothing until I’ve saved $10/month for 3 years…

My utilities have also dropped to $12.50/month. Rather than $40/month as I had predicted before, we actually spend a lot less.

I wouldn’t like to stick to $1000/month only, but at least I know it’s within reach.

And you? Can you live on a $1000 budget?

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