Prevent blisters .. and all the possible ways to save your poor feet

Wearing old heels for a long time, new heels to be broken in or just having to wear shoes in general usually leads to an inevitable blister.

Either on the back your heel, your toes, or on the ball of your foot.

Here are some quick tips on how to prevent blisters that I’ve picked up over the years.

To prevent blisters:

1. Break in your new heels before wearing them

You can wear them all around the house walking and using them, to break them in a bit to your foot.

They say a half hour a day, for a couple of days will make the shoes more comfortable in a little while.

But you can’t just sit with them on. You have to actually walk around and do tasks in them like vacuum or clean.

2. Stretch your heels

You can wear them wearing slightly thicker socks so that they stretch to the shape of your foot faster.

I’ve also heard that damp socks work.

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