OMG TOTALLY! aka The Death of Self Respect

I have to agree with L.L. over at I’m on my way…Destination: Hell.

She talks about club skanks and rock skanks being two types of girls she cannot respect.

The classic Playboy Bunny pouting boob grab. Hot. I love the skirt lift too.

For me, it’s a whole range of reasons, such as not having enough self respect for themselves. I wrote a whole post about this before.

Say what you want, but showing off so much cleavage you could use ’em to float in case you were on the Titanic, or wearing skirts so short they’re mistaken as belts in the store is not what I consider self esteem.

Sure, it may make you feel better to show your stuff and strut your goods all over the place, while making men drool like dogs.

But men ARE dogs.

So getting the attention of dogs is not really an accomplishment. Or did you not get the memo? All men are dogs to some extent.

<—– A great Facebook photo to get you fired

ALL MEN STARE. But not all men drool, salivate and make fools of themselves on the floor for these skanks.

Naturally, I’d like to go for the guy who WON’T fall prey to silicone breasts heaving in front of his face while she goes commando under her belt skirt and lets every guy spank her ass on the floor for kicks, because there’s a higher chance that he hasn’t done that before, or he at least finds that a turn off.. which means.. enter FB for the kill.

She ain’t even close to being a condom balloon animal, people. That just ain’t cute.

If I were a single girl in the club (not that I’m entirely convinced you can meet great guys in a club, but whatever), I’d want to go as a nicely dressed and covered up girl (note, I didn’t say prudish librarian) and catch a real man, instead of a drooling lap dog.

If you’ve got a great body, by all means, show it off.

But there’s no need to go half naked. If you’ve got a fabulous body, guys can still see it, and even feel a bit more excited because it’s not all out there for every dog in the club to see and make comments about.

You have to ask yourself, is that really self esteem? Being objectified on the dance floor?

It’s one thing to know that you’re a woman and you’ve got what guys want because you’re sexy. It’s another thing to be half naked on the floor just for the male attention.

Competing with another girl on how tiny your clothes are, how much skin you can show and how you can work a stripper pole is not exactly cause to be respected by men OR women.

If you want that kind of atention, become an exotic dancer and at least make a living out of it.

You’ll get tons of guys putting bills in your G-String while they salivate in their seats watching you shake it. That’s a good way to use your talents and make some mad cash while you’re at it.

I hear they get around $1000 a SHOW! And if they do 3 shows a night, that’s $3000. Wowee.

It just isn’t that hard to get hit on if you aren’t wearing anything, and guys immediately think you’re cheap if you dress like that, talk like that, and let every guy cop a feel.

And don’t you want a guy that works for it? Who’s a real man that doesn’t think a woman is worth the size of her breasts?

A man who wants you for your personality and you want him for his? What the hell are you going to do when you both turn 65 and you’re left with wrinkled silicone boobs? Talk about the good ol’ days of when he caught you on the dance floor doing shots without underwear on, flashing everyone in the club?

Besides, from what I hear, guys prefer au naturel over fake silicone, even if the breasts are smaller than watermelons. They look great, but feel like crap, is the general response I hear.

If you don’t want that, or think I’m a prude, then by all means, go for the dogs.

But don’t you dare go bitching to your friends about how he cheated on you with Sally Skank last night, or that he stares at girls 24/7 in front of you and how it makes you feel insecure.

You’ve made your bed, so to speak, so lie in it.

You can’t get everything and expect a different attitude or caliber of man to make his way into your bed if you aren’t at his level.

How about Natalie Dylan? This “virgin” is 22 years old and is auctioning her virginity. So far, a 3.7 million dollar bid came in.

For real? She looks like most girls from the bar. And you can get those for free, and still pretend that they ARE virgins. I mean realistically, as a guy, if I slept with that, I wouldn’t think she’s a virgin at all.

Let’s face it, she doesn’t look virginal, and what I can see and know in my head are two different things. Maybe a little Bo Peep outfit would work. Or a girl next door, Reese Witherspoon kind of style. Jeans and a top.

There’s another little tangent on self respect for you to chew on.

By the way, this is what I consider sexy, classy club wear that doesn’t scream: EASY. I’m partial to that red dress in the middle.

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