May 2009 Budget Recap


I stuck well under this budget. Spent around $1300 actually. I could have spent less, but Etsy beckoned and I bought 2 wrap dresses (what? this is the summer of dresses after all).

I shall post pics once I actually get the dresses in my hot little paws.

It looks like a budget of around $1000 – $1200 is enough to live very comfortably with a little shopping and entertainment as an emergency month as I managed to make it under, even with my sister visiting.

My budget for June will be very low because we’re getting an apartment for a month as a deal from a friend… And July onwards will be super low as well, living in a studio.

My networth stayed the same as last month, because my investments went up the same amount I spent for “living” on rent, etc.

Woo hoo!

No extra money earned this month..

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