Lazy Asian Glazed Chicken & Mashed Creamy Taters

I call it lazy because prep time is low, I’m just mixing sauces, and the only hard part is mashing down the potatoes.


Marinate chicken

Mix the following ingredients until it’s an even paste
Blobs of Oyster Sauce
Drizzle of Soy Sauce

Rub the paste into the chicken

Tuck a couple of smashed garlic cloves and bay leaves into the chicken

Put the chicken skin facing up

Heat up the oven to 250 and start by grilling the top of the chicken skin until it’s crispy

Switch off the grill function and just let it bake until cooked and when pierced, juices run clear… or when the bone doesn’t look too pink.

Mashed Potatoes

Boil potatoes.

Bring the water to a hard rolling boil first, then gently put the potatoes in, and lower the heat so it’s a gentle boil.

20 minutes at medium-to-high heat

Put a couple of salt rock crystals in the water for flavour.

Remove potatoes after they’re done, let them cool after shocking them with cold water to stop them from turning black.

Peel the skin chop them up and start forking them down into a mash.

Optional Addition:

Remove baked garlic cloves (hopefully cooked) from the chicken after it’s been fully cooked.

The idea is that some of the marinade from the chicken will be in the garlic/on the garlic and you can add a little flavour to the mashed taters.

Smash and grind the minced, cooked garlic into mashed potatoes with some salt and pepper, and a pat of butter or two.

I also added some other seasonings like Wafu Japanese Vinaigrette that really gave it a sort of tangy, creamy flavour. Totally delicious.

Mix until you decide that the lumps in the mashed potatoes are not such a huge deal any longer and you can live without smooth, creamy mashed potatoes because you’re really hungry.

Or, until your arm hurts from forking that damn mash.

Serve and wait for praise that should be forthcoming.

This is the other option: Tear off ALL the bits of chicken so that you don’t have to get your fingers dirty.

This is an eating quirk of mine, because I hate touching my food with my fingers when I eat, and getting utensils and my face dirty.

I prepare EVERYTHING ready-to-eat before I actually eat it.

Additional Veggies

You can decide to stir fry some green beans, add onions to the chicken or whatever you want. Totally up to you.

For this dish, I didn’t buy green beans because they’re a ridiculous price of $3.99/LB or around $8/KG.

Other Info

Portions: No clue. I just eat whatever I want to eat until I’m full.

Calories: Are you kidding me?

I only put butter in the potatoes, and if you want to watch your fat intake, just don’t eat the delicious, crispy chicken skin that is one of the best parts of chicken in my opinion.

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