I don’t even understand WTF some IT/Business writers are saying

Business and IT writers, I can’t even begin to stress the importance of being CLEAR and keeping it SIMPLE.

Keep it SO SIMPLE, that even a lowly consultant like me, in your business, can understand what you are trying to say.

I read a whole article about IT and how it works in business with comparisons of different software strengths and weaknesses and I was left feeling like an idiot at the end.

Productized? Is that even an English word? I Googled it, and got:

“Productize – To modify something to become suitable as a commercial product”

When in the hell did that become a word? My spell check is going nuts here, saying it doesn’t exist in the dictionary.

Making up business-like sounding words, and trying to mix it with IT acronyms is just asking for trouble.

It is like reading Tolstoy’s work in Japanese with every other word in Russian.

I literally read 2 paragraphs and had to stop to decipher each sentence, and I almost had to re-write the article in my head as I was reading it, just to get the GENERAL gist of it.

Instead of saying “a productized unified bla bla bla”, why don’t you just say what you mean: “software that can work together on any platform”.

Or something to that effect.

There isn’t a limited word count, people! You are writing ON THE INTERNET!

Extra words can be used without fear, and the professor will not dock you points for going over!!

I have to go re-read that article again.

*tears hair out*

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