Chicago, Illinois Part Un

Arriving in Chicago

Hard Rock Hotel Entrance

The Bean.

People call it ugly, but I find it to be extremely hypnotizing and beautiful. I love the curves.

The underbelly of the beast

The Ampitheatre near The Bean (formal name: Cloudgate)

The metal curves of this Ampitheatre was just .. stunning. Seriously, stunning.

They even had a matching metal path that curved all the way down to a park on the other side of The Bean.

Beautiful pieces of art.

Mexican church near the Whole Foods we frequented.

The gorgeous Trump Tower. Look at it. Like a diamond in the sky.

Buckingham Fountain.

The Harbour.

The fountain that comes on in intervals.

Beautiful shot of calm waters and a pair of married ducks.

Before going to the top of the tower to view the skyline.

They’re bidding for 2016 Olympics.

View from the top.

Didn’t visit this museum but it looked cool.


This looks like in Japan.

šŸ™ I found my favourite Restaurant: Penang. But it was closed.

This was closed for renovations. Usually has Chicagoans faces on the large screens “talking” to each other.

Wrigley Building

A whole building with a beautiful piece of art

Subway Station

Called it the honeycomb towers, but people call them corn on the cobs. I think they’re pretty, not ugly.

Navy Pier with the Stained Glass Museum

Inside Navy Pier

Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows

Outside Navy Pier

Chicago Part Deux (2) coming!
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