Chicago Part Deux

This one is mostly about food.

These were a pound of vanilla scented chicken wings that I prepared on top of a bed of rice and soy sauce.

Went to Fox & Obel.

Found a Candy Heaven inside.

And ended up buying these Lemon Icing covered Blueberry shortcake.

Man.. they are incredible. I’m craving some now.

And some of the most beautiful tomatoes I’ve ever seen.

Totally natural, heirloom tomatoes. I hate the tomatoes that look too perfect and round.

Crab cake

Corn cake and Chowder at Whole Foods

White Vanilla Raspberry ice cream shared between BF and I

And then a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s pistachio on another day —> OUR FAVOURITE!

Yummers. Chicken Scalloppini and Potato Latkes

Bought fresh fish and some white rice. Sometimes, simple is best.

Big disappointment: Giordano’s for the pizza

Clam Chowder. Meh.

The Fettucine Alfredo was good though. Delicious, juicy pieces of chicken.

Disgusting. The deep dish looked even worse. Glad we didn’t order that.

But the bread was heavenly. Ate the whole thing.

Chicago Fashion

(I don’t want to understand this one, but at least she has a style).

Cool hair.

This was awful. Hard to see, but she had a muffin top sticking out on the sides.

Totally wrong. Wear a longer shirt, lady.

She was stunning. Looked amazing.. love the Pumas.

Reason number 3483571943834 why girls should not wear tights as pants.

Your legs look fatter and more marshmallow-y than they really are.

Girls dressed alike when they met up. Was kind of creepy but funny.

She was SO CLOSE.

If only she had a skirt on… or some colour. Anything..

Looked like the Wicked Witch of the West.

This was awesome. 🙂 Office Window Pac-Man.

Leaving Chicago

That ended my Chicago Trip.

Next up: Chicago & Boston Shopping

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