Boston, Massachusetts

I know, I’ve been a bad Traveling FB. I took these trips in April….

But better late than never! As promised – Boston in pictures.

Will keep it tlog style (pictures, very little talking) for reasons of laziness and a sprinkle of forgetfulness.

We didn’t buy a pass or anything there to get around. Boston was so small (for us) that walking everywhere was fine. We were also only there for 1.5 days and the .5 of the day was spent travelling to New Hampshire to fly to Chicago, so it wasn’t as though we could have really done everything but I think we felt the heart of the city.

The Bulfinch Hotel (Bulsh*t Hotel we called it)

Originally $399/night, we paid $70/night.

Guess we couldn’t complain much.. but still, they could have PRETENDED we paid $399/night.

Now we’ll never actually go back there if it was full price.

  • Room was tiny (you’re going to see, we were crowded in there. Smaller than half a studio)
  • They gave us the tiniest hotel room in the entire building, yet half the hotel was EMPTY with larger rooms. Hello? Customer service? Could they not have given us a semi-decent room, considering every room was empty!?
  • Had rowdy party crowds on our floor. Bar sluts screaming and talking so goddamn loud I want to scream. I woke up at 2 a.m. to some chick’s incessantly loud, shrill voice, banged on their door and told them to keep the party down.
  • No Food TV channel (wtf?)
  • Place had a weird heating/air conditioning system. We broke open the regulator just so we could turn the heat up/down
  • Kind of expected more. At least, more space.
  • No wi-fi, I had to plug in the cord just to surf the net.

At least they had cool original art instead of stupid floral prints.

And they had this cool soap. The box basically says they cut out the middle of the soap because no one uses it, so it was a waste of soap, but this one was molded to your hands (it was!) and more eco-friendly.

If they wanted to be more eco-friendly, they could have given us a smaller piece of soap. Like half, especially since these get tossed after each customer.

The downtown-ish area of Boston

Note the streets are Summer & Winter?

Naturally had to stop into a DSW. We don’t have these in Canada.

And here is the famous Opera House, of course.

Near the Omni Parker House where we had clam chowder.

My saviours on the trip. Tape to wrap around my foot joints and blister block. (FB Read: Prevent Blisters)

This was kind of a cool market, but not exactly something we found really incredible.

The ceilings inside Quincy Market

And the inside. Kind of commercial.

Faneuil Hall. A must miss place.

The inside of a tourist trap called Fanueil Hall.

Saw a hawk.

Artistic shot near the Italian area.

Paul Revere’s house (gloomy looking grey one)

Architecture in the Italian area is gorgeous.

A must-go-to-eat place. Mike’s Pastry.

I have dreams about this cannoli and its delicious custard filling.

Wow look! It’s just like home! (Montreal) Awful streets, lots of potholes.. er.. actually, this is better than home. Montreal has potholes the size of beaver traps.

Totally random dollhouse outside.

Boston Harbour. Very relaxing.

The famous bridges on the way to the harbour.

We called this the “Gold Building”.

And this was across the gold building.

Walked around a historic part of Boston – Beacon Hill. Love the tree.

Beautiful architecture in Beacon Hill.

We saw a lot of what they call “Chads and Trixies” there, or tie-wearing, sweater-dofffing prep school guys and their J. Crew wives.

The guys were kind of creepy. They were so.. bland.

BF was laughing at their little sweater sets and snickering.

This is.. also like home in Old Montreal but better maintained/kept.

Cute carousels in the display.

Around Beacon Hill area..

They also had a lot of these steps leading down to doors.

BF said it was like being in England 🙂

And everyone in this neighbourhood had flowers in their planters.


We. Love. Whole. Foods. But nothing beats the New York location. We were drooling at the amount of fresh, quality produce available, there.

Boston didn’t have as much choice as in NYC, but it was still far better than what we had in Montreal.

I forget if it was at this location in Boston, but I hate some pretty awesome pizza. Couldn’t find this quality of pizza in Chicago, surprisingly…

On the way to the Mapparium we saw this huge, gorgeous building. BF said it was like being transported back to France.

Inside the Mapparium, which WE MISSED because they were closed Mondays, and we arrived on a SUNDAY too late for the last showing.


Still, the place was kind of cool.

Everyone loves a lil’ disco man.

Again, stunning buildings.

Cute church.

Around the shopping district. I forget the name. High end stores in this area.

In the park

They had these yellow things hanging. No idea what they mean. Found them cool. Easter maybe? They looked like eggs.

It was really calm and relaxing. I felt more at peace here than in Central Park in New York.

My favourite park of all.

And we saw these guys EVERYWHERE.

I don’t have any clue what they were doing. At first, I thought they were promoting cheese for some reason….

Their Chinatown. Quite small. Only shining star was Penang Restaurant.

LOVED that we found a Penang in Boston. This was just like the one in New York’s Chinatown.

Nearing the Italian Area

Entrances. I love the geometric shapes.

Central Station where we took the Greyhound to Manchester Airport in New Hampshire before flying to Chicago. Was cheaper.

Near to our hotel. Just a quaint area.

And they had a monument to the Holocaust there. Extremely touching.

All their numbers.

Eerie to have the slight twinge of fear for what they went through, being gassed.

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