Book Value (BV) vs. Market Value (MV)

Foxie asked what Book value versus Market value means:

Book Value = the actual amount you put into the account, like if you put in $5000.

Market Value = what the market values that $5000 to be at, like right now, it’s $3000 but technically your book value, or what you invested is $5000.

And in the future, that $5000 may become $8000. It’s what the market thinks your $5000 is worth based on how many people are buying it and what THEY value it at.

Alternatively, you can think of it as putting in $10 to buy a single share of a stock, priced at what the market thinks it was worth at that time. In a year, when the stock goes up to $15, the market value is now $15.

Any other questions? 🙂

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