10 things you should not do

  • When you feel yourself turn orange, stop faux (or real) tanning and avoid wearing all orange or brown head to toe in your daily ensemble. I saw live human carrots today.
  • Wearing all black head to toe, with dyed black hair is not chic. It just looks like you’re in mourning.
  • If your pants hit at your ankle and aren’t meant to, please do something.
  • Tights are not pants. Especially tights that are stretched so I can see your bits.
  • Everyone, stop sun tanning NOW. I saw faces that looked like orange leather.
  • Short skirts, do not require a slit up the front for ventilation.
  • Wearing a puffy top with a puffy bubble skirt and really puffy boots is not chic. One piece at a time.
  • Please wear shorts that cover your butt cheeks, at any size or age.
  • Wearing one colour from head to toe is too much look.
  • A striking ruffled bow on a striped top is enough. No need to wear them with matching pants.
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