Scrambled eggs, Gordon Ramsay style – Tried, Tested & True


I generally like fluffy scrambled eggs the way BF does them, but I find them dry and a bit spongy.. I do like my scrambled eggs creamier, so enter… Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs.

I did the recipe, but omitted the crème fraîche near the end. I can already feel it being too creamy.

I buttered the cold pan slightly, then I cracked in 4 eggs into a cold pan, then eventually turning it up to medium. I then worked in another small pat of butter all around the eggs as I stirred and scrambled them in the pan just as he had said.

I stirred it CONSTANTLY. I removed the pan off the stove, still stirring, and put them back on the stove again (exactly as in the video).

After a couple of minutes, they were done. I salted them in the pan lightly, then I flipped them on top of a bunch of raw, sliced delicious tomatoes, and added more pepper and seasoning.

They were heavenly. The addition of butter really added another level of flavour to those eggs, and I don’t know if it’s the cracking in the pan and then scrambling them, or the constant stirring, but they were cooked to perfection and not burnt whatsoever.


I recommend watching the video and doing it yourself. The eggs will be creamy, cooked to perfection and ohhhhh so good on toast, if I had a toaster and bread.

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