Packing light for the flight

Oh Dr. Seuss. You gave me such awesome memories.


This time around, for my trip next week, I am packing light. L-I-G-H-T.

Essentials (am wearing 1 outfit on the plane)

  • Walking shoes with supports (fugg being cute I’ll probably never see you people again)
  • 7 pairs of underwear
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Cute comfortable, stretchy pants
  • 2 Comfortable tops
  • 1 Sweater
  • 1 Pashmina (Scarf)
  • 1 Light Jacket (am thinking NO on this one, it will get warmer)


  • Digital camera + cables for it
  • iPod + Headphones
  • HP Mini Netbook + cable (may not take it)
  • Cellphone + Cord (you just never know)


Am taking the HP Mini Netbook.

We managed to score an AWESOME deal at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago for only $10/USD more per night (taxes included) than Motel 6.

Free wireless? (CHECK. Am bringing Netbook)

Hot hotel room?

Great view?

Located downtown?


Check out what it looks like in one of the regular Hard Rock Hotel rooms. OH I AM SO EXCITED!


  • Facial cleanser
  • Contact lens solution + Case
  • Glasses
  • Lip Balm


  • Umbrella
  • Sunglasses

Sounds pretty light, right? *nervous*

I carried way too much last time (1 backpack, 1 carryall). It may not seem like a lot, but I was hoping for just a backpack’s worth.

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