April 2009 Budget

Totally unrelated note

I hate April Fools’ Day, so I am not participating in that crap.

I don’t know whether to believe what people say, don’t say.. whatever.

I don’t want to deal with that BS of figuring out who is trying to prank me or not. LOL

I’m getting too old for that.

FB’s April Budget

I’m done with travelling until June, so the months of April & May should be pretty low-key.

I am considering going back to Toronto just for May to go to my friend’s wedding shower but I am not sure if I can make it. I wouldn’t be renting a car, so the trip would cost around $200 for the travelling, and then possibly another $150 for eating and buying my friend a gift.

I just don’t want to sit in a train for 5 hours. It’s exhausting. But I do want to get my teeth cleaned again, the last dentist was awful.

Anyway, here’s my April Budget:

I have about $200-$300 as lax fun money, but I’ll probably end up saving it just out of sheer exhaustion from NYC.

I don’t even want to look at shoes, or think about shopping right now. I am totally pooped out, my limbs hurt and I am just plain tired.

Online shopping however, may be my downfall…

I also did some thinking last night, and I think I may just wear a pair of black shoes I have in my closet. Where I MAY spend my money is on a big chunky bracelet or something.

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