March 2009 Budget


By the way, thanks to stackingpennies, I realized that I totally forgot about interest earnings on my savings.

I earned $71.52 in interest last month (February)! Which is a hell of a lot better than my $1500 losses in the stock market. Ugh.

And come to think of it, in hindsight I spent around $700 on Technology stuff in February 2009, but I only went over my $1500 budget by ~$70, so .. if I had not purchased that Netbook and a sleeve, etc.. I would have been under budget by $700.

Huh. Food for thought.

Anyway, it’s not everyday that I purchase a laptop or score a great deal on an external hard drive (Western Digital Portable Passport for 500GB only $159.99!!!! It was meant to be priced at $179.99 but they screwed up so I scored it for $20 cheaper).


This is my estimated budget for March that will definitely go over the allotted $1500 by about $327 that I have budgeted for myself each month.

I am leaving it the way it is, because I always give myself $1500/month. I am also going to keep eating out, and all the fun stuff under what I THINK I will spend, so that I end up spending $1500 on point which will be my mini challenge for this month.

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