Just because the parents are smart doesn’t mean their kids are

This post was inspired by E.C. from Not Eating Ramen.

“There was a mother who was angry about the grade her child received in another teacher’s class, and rather than back that teacher the administration decided to give into the mother’s demands and have another teacher (me) take over the honors section.”

My mom is a teacher and I hate how some schools bend over backwards for angry parents when it is unjustified.

Even if the teacher was wrong, it is THEIR perception as a valued teaching professional that their child did not do a good job.


I hate how parents tell my mom “But WE are all in science-related fields, how can our son get a 65% in science!?

My mom says it’s usually because the kid does a half-assed job instead of giving it his all and it looked and felt like sloppy work, and she didn’t feel like compared to the other kids who earned the 90% grades in the class, he measured up to their standards.

Just because the parents are smart doesn’t mean the kids are.

In fact, in a lot of cases my mom deals with, they are some of the worst kids.

Alternatively, some of the kids that are the brightest are not the ones with the brightest, most educated parents. My mom repeatedly tells me of a girl in her class who comes from a pretty rough background and she is one of the brightest in the school.

The worst is when you get to University and the students fight for grades they don’t deserve. They spend more time and energy fighting professors on getting an 80% instead of a 75% even though they know deep down they didn’t deserve it, nor did they earn it.

But professors give in so that students recommend their classes and/or because they’re just tired of fighting their dumbasses, day in, day out.

Especially without an administrative body to back them up wholly.

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