Dress accordingly to the weather, I say!

I am all for fashion, style and looking cute as hell any time or place.

But when it is freezing, cold, disgustingly slushy and wet …. ya dress APPROPRIATELY for the weather.


That means not in a miniskirt with suede little boots that clearly don’t have a solid enough heel to walk on slippery ice covered in warm slushy brown ickiness.

It also doesn’t mean not wearing a proper coat that would block the wind, a scarf, earmuffs or a hat, and gloves. Just because it isn’t super cute to look like a mummified version of a girl, all warmly wrapped up and bundled properly, does NOT mean it’s just as cute to look like a frost bitten fashion victim.

Just like how in the middle of summer it looks pretty damn stupid to be wearing UGG boots with a short mini skirt and a halter top, it is pretty stupid to look like you are dressing for spring or summer in the cold dead of winter with snow blowing around you, and thick ice covering all of the sidewalks.

Enough said.

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